ماژول آمپلی فایر بلوتوثی استریو پرقدرت مدل XY-P15W

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    XY-P15W is a high-power stereo Bluetooth audio module. Dual channels audio signal output.Built-in amplifier module therefore it can connect to loudspeaker directly.It is ideal for DIY wireless Bluetooth speakers and transponders.
    ۱>.Width work voltage range
    ۲>.Applicable multiple type speakers
    ۳>.Knob adjustment
    ۴>.Support reverse connection protection
    ۵>.Support short circuit protection
    ۶>.Self-recovery overheat protection
    ۱>.Product name:XY-P15W Stereo Bluetooth Power Amplifier Module
    ۳>.Work Voltage:DC 8V-24V
    ۴>.Communication distance:15meter(Max)
    ۵>.Channel:Dual channel
    ۶>.Output Power(at 1KHz):
        ۶٫۱>.Output power 16W*2 at 12V 4ohm
        ۶٫۲>.Output power 10W*2 at 12V 8ohm
        ۶٫۳>.Output power 15W*2 at 16V 4ohm
        ۶٫۴>.Output power 20W*2 at 20V 4ohm
        ۶٫۵>.Output power 30W*2 at 24V 4ohm(Need add extra heat sink!)
    ۷>.Match speaker(30W~150V):
        ۷٫۱>.4ohm at 8V~12V
        ۷٫۲>.8ohm at 8V~24V
        ۷٫۳>.16ohm at 8V~24V
    ۸>.Work Temperature:-40℃~۸۵℃
    ۹>.Work Humidity:0%~95%RH
    ۱۰>.Module Size:50*35*14mm
۴٫Use steps:
    ۱>.Choose the right speaker and connect as shown in wiring diagram.
    ۲>.Connect to right power supply from input terminal.LED indicator will flashing and it means that module enters pairing mode.And then speak prompt voice and it means that module is waiting for pairing.
    ۳>.Turn ON Bluetooth in phone.
    ۴>.Select Bluetooth device ‘XY-P15W’ in your Bluetooth device listing.
    ۵>.LED indicator will keep ON and it means that module is successfully connected and is waiting for playing.
    ۶>.Module will playing music after select music in phone.LED indicator will keep slowly blinking.
    ۷>.Module will speak prompt voice if disconnected.
    ۱>.Modified speaker
    ۲>.Amplifier equipment
    ۳>.Car Bluetooth device
    ۱>.The power amplifier board should be as far away as possible from the WIFI signal (router) avoid signal interference.
    ۲>.Recommended power supply voltage DC 8~24V.Module will be damaged if input voltage is more than 26V.
    ۳>.Input voltage can not more than 12V if connect 4ohm speaker.
    ۴>.Input voltage can not more than 24V if connect 8ohm speaker.
    ۵>.It is recommended to use a power supply of 2A or higher.
    ۶>.It need add extra heat sink if output power is more than 20W*2.
    ۷>.Please don’t use too long wires to avoid signal interference.
    ۸>.It is recommended to use a speaker above 30W to avoid speaker damage.
    ۹>.Please read use manual and description before use.
    ۱pcs XY-P15W Stereo Bluetooth Power Amplifier Module

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